Constructive Tendencies
Louny, 15. 12. 2022 - 9. 4. 2023

Drawing on its own collection to present this extensive exhibition, the Benedikt Rejt Gallery is returning to its roots and to the extraordinary art created in Czechoslovakia and worldwide in the 1960s in a movement we have come to call Constructive or New Tendencies. The exhibition charts the early period of this style between 1964 and 1973, when the new Benedikt Rejt Gallery (1966) started to assemble a key group of Constructive works covering the very best from the height of this art movement in the former Czechoslovakia and partly outside the country as well. The circumstances that made the collection possible testify to the importance of Louny’s cultural environment and the unique connections existing among many central figures in the art world, but also to the forward-thinking acquisition strategy of the gallery’s first director, Jan Sekera, who was able to obtain top works for the new museum. His confidence helped get the new type of art established at the institutional level contemporaneously with its evolution while connecting with developments on the world stage. The exhibition also presents the art theory and curating work undertaken by other important figures connected with Louny, especially Josef Hlaváček and Jiří Padrta.

Constructive Tendencies

Betwenn Tension and Tenuous Stability
15. 12. 2022 - 9. 4. 2023
Galerie Benedikta Rejta v Lounech
Pivovarská 35