works of Zdeněk Sýkora

Zdeněk Sýkora´s works have arrived at generalization of natural forms up to an abstract image. From the early 1960s he paints compositions based on the relationships of basic geometric shapes; these shapes then became the basis of the elements that he started to organize into a grid. This process was the result of his efforts for the objectification and reduction of means of expression. This is the way how the first of the group of Structures was created in 1963 – The Grey Structure. To organize geometric elements in his structures, he uses a combinatorial principle and incorporates the computer to his work in 1964 (in cooperation with the mathematician Jaroslav Blažek); thus he joined the world pioneers of this method. He also projects his structures onto 3D objects.
Simultaneously with his studio works, he still paints in the nature. 

works > paintings and objects 1960-1969
Blue Garden, 1959Autumn Forest, 1960Blue Garden 1960
Garden (with square), 1960Three Squares, 1962Red Arrow, 1962
Grey Structrure, 1962-63Black-White Structure, 1964Black-White Structure, 1965
Structure Sinusoidal, 1965Regular Structure, 1968Topological Structures, 1969
Black-White Structure, 1967Coloured Structure, 1967Oblique Structure, 1968/1987
Landscape near Obora, early 1960sElbe River, 1963Rügen, 1960s