works of Zdeněk Sýkora

Sýkora´s prints are part and parcel of his oeuvre. Although they are relatively few in number, they are a good introduction to his work from 1964 to the present because they mirror, with only a slight time gap between them, the evolutionary line of his paintings (apart from his landscape paintings). Not only Structures and Lines, but also Spots are represented here.

List of prints created up to 2007 is included in the first volume Prints. Here we present all the prints that have been made after the first volume was published.

works > prints 1964-2011
Black-White Structure, 1964Red-Blue Structure, 1967Black-White Structure, 1971
Quintet (part of the Lines album), 1980Phase No. 31, 1989Lines, 1995
100 Lines II (part of the 100 Lines album), 1995Tedious, 2006Flight 2331 (part of the Flying album), 2007
11 Lines, 2008Coloured Structure, 1967/2009Black-White Structure, 1967/2009
Black-White Structure, 1967/2009Black Zero Lines, 2011Colour Zero Lines, 2011