works of Zdeněk Sýkora

After he has retired, he may fully devote his time to his works, continuing in the creation of Line-paintings. Constant perfection of the system results in various forms of lines – e.g. strong and colourful, lines moving along several randomly selected directions, or lines with short “lives”. He realizes his pivot work - Line No. 24, later called The Last Judgement. His wife Lenka has been cooperating with him since 1985.
He continues in painting landscapes reduced in colour and shapes.  In the latter half of the 1980s a set of abstract paintings called Spots was created in his studio. 

works > paintings 1980-1989
Lines No. 11, 1980Waltz, 1981Lines No. 15, 1981
Lines No. 18, 1982Lines No. 22 – 399 Spots, 1982Lines No. 24 – The Last Judgement, 1983-84
Lines No. 30, 1985Lines No. 41, 1986Lines No. 45, 1987
Spots, 1986Spots, 1989Spots, 1990
Yellow Field, 1980Tree in Blossom, 1980The Uplands, 1984